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Beauty Gaga

Quick Details

Type: Temporary Hiar Color Dye Chalk

Form: Powder

Volum: 5g*12pcs/display box

Ctn Size: 695*538*295(mm)


Function: Instant Hair Color Dye

Age Group: Anybody

Color: 12 Colors Available

Feature: Instant Dyeing Hair, Washable and Natural

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Dexe Beauty Gaga is a  wipe on, wipe off coloring product! It's the creation of instant highlights, the color can stay on your hair until it is wahsed with normal shampoo. There are 12 colors are available to meer different styles, different colors can be applied on hair to highlight your hair. Besides, the finest ingredients makes it never harm your hair.

Dexe Beauty Gaga is the best temporary hair color product which can  gives you crazy hair at a Friday night ,and  can be easily wiped off in  the Monday morning.

1. Non-toxic and natural

2. Can color your hair at anytime and anywhere

3. Several mins color your hair and washable

4. Convenient and suitable for party tine and outdoor activities even in your daily life

5. Very fashion and hightlight your hair

1. Keep your hair shampooed and combed for a good beginning.

2. A pair of gloves is better while dying hair.  Surely the hair color rub is non-toxic but a little messy. 

3. Twist Hair can be dyed more easily. 

4. Your hair may looks better when coloring with smooth rub from up to down.

5. Choose any color or mixed colors you like to to dye your hair for  outdoor activies, paties, basketball or football games, etc.

6. It could be easily washed out with normal shampoo.